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Our passions for design, traditional craft skills and making by hand,

are combined with a desire to utilise waste materials.

kneading recycled plastic + LDF table

Our ultimate goal is for plastic to be regarded as a precious material

not worthy of ending up in landfills, incinerators and oceans.

cropped boards 2

The plastic we work with is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), commonly found in

carrier bags, bubble wrap and other flexible sheet packaging.

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Millions of tonnes of virgin LDPE are produced each year, and global demand for it is growing every year.

Unfortunately many applications of plastics are commonly regarded as disposable or for single use.

Weez & Merl wants to challenge throwaway culture by showing

how beautiful plastic can be.


Although LDPE is encouraged to be recycled on the label, it is often difficult to find facilities that do. 

In the UK, huge amounts are shipped abroad to be recycled

- an inefficient and unsustainable practice.

We stand for local recycling.

mesh bags - plastic collection copy

We operate a free collection service for businesses in Brighton & Hove

who are looking to recycle their waste LDPE locally.

We are not currently looking to take on more LDPE collections, however we encourage businesses in Brighton & Hove

to contact us ​if this service may be of interest, as we have a waiting list.


Originally transferring skills learned from the craft of woodworking, we have found many methods of

working with recycled LDPE plastic by hand.

plane curls cropped.jpg

Over the years, we have developed our own equipment to maximise LDPE's potential.


We remelt and reuse off-cuts, dust and planing curls

created in our making processes.


We are a company designed around the circular economy concept, and we are trialling restoration, reparation and exchange schemes

to support this vision of a future without waste.

We can create truly sustainable products by making the most of LDPE's ability to be 

endlessly remelted and repurposed.

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