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We are up and running again with large sheet production, please enquire below for pricing and lead times.



Our 100% recycled LDPE sheet material can be used for tabletops, countertops, shelving, wall art and countless more applications!


Our process for producing large sheets is different to some other recycled plastic sheet manufacturers - as we do not work with chipped or shredded plastic, we are able to produce natural looking patterns similar to marble and other gemstones.


LDPE plastic has the benefit of being much lighter than materials such as stone or marble, making it more practical for certain applications.


Our material can be cut and sanded using woodworking machinery. The plastic can also be drilled and screwed into easily.


It is a flexible material, meaning that it will not shatter on impact, but rather dent and bend. The density is similar to a hardwood and scratches as easily.


We do not recommend our material to be used in areas at risk of being exposed to high temperatures, including countertops surrounding hobs and hob splashbacks.


The chemical resistance of LDPE is very good, making it suitable for bathrooms and some kitchen applications.

WEEZ & MERL frea panel.jpg


You may have noticed that our sheet material has a geometric pattern - this happens because of the way we press the plastic. 


The correct weight of plastic needed for the full sheet press is melted on shelves in our non-commercial ovens at approx 150C. We create the intricate marbled pattern through layering techniques learned over the years, and finally shape each individual mass into rounds or oblongs.


The masses of plastic are then laid onto the bed of the hydraulic press in a predetermined pattern, and when the top bed is lowered and pressure is applied, the masses fuse together forming one large sheet. This creates a geometric pattern, which can be either a hexagonal or square design depending on the mass formation.


Most of the plastic we recycle comes to us in neutral tones - clear, grey, beige or black. We then use the pigment that's already in waste plastic such as carrier bags, and hand knead them into these neutral bases. With this process a small amount of colour goes a long way: as little as 1g of coloured plastic can be enough to colour 1000g of clear plastic to a translucent pastel hue.


Because of our colour mixing method we are able to create bespoke colourways in endless combinations, and are usually able to duplicate colour palettes to design briefs.


As we are limited to using the waste plastic we collect and receive, there are currently some colourways that are not possible for us to create in large sheet form, but please share your ideas with us and we’ll see if it’s possible!

weez & merl grey yellow table top 3.jpg
plane curls cropped.jpg


We offer a cutting and finishing service for all our sheet material. We can achieve straight cuts and some curved cuts - most basic geometric shapes are possible for us to achieve.


The edges of the sheet/tabletop can be cut at various angles (chamfered). Straight cut edges are finished by hand-planing to reveal the beautiful cross-section, and curved edges are machine sanded to a smooth satin finish.

For all enquiries please email and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas!


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