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A collection of recycled LDPE side plates in neutral tones with bright splashes of yellow. Created in the summer of 2015 for the opening of Europe’s first zero-waste restaurant in Brighton, UK.

1 silo plates
3 silo plates
2 silo plates
4 silo plates

SushiFins are an aesthetically and sustainably led surf design company, crafting rad fins from Weez & Merl’s recycled HDPE plastic sheets. Collaboration started in 2016, and there is much more in the pipeline.


1 sheet longboard fin
2 finished longboard fin
3 recycled plastic fins on board


Weez & Merl have worked on several coaster projects for bars looking to reduce their waste by replacing their disposable napkins and cardboard coasters with something reusable and beautiful.

1 scout 2nd batch best 6 copy
2 scout 1st batch best 6 copy
3 le mary celeste best 6 copy


For the late summer ‘17 opening of sustainable seafood restaurant Angela’s of Margate, UK, Weez & Merl crafted fourteen marble-like table tops in neutral-white with streaks, veins and wisps of dark green.

In order to mould sheets of recycled plastic large enough, a 1.5m x 1m bed wooden-frame hydraulic press was designed and built in the spring of 2017, using reclaimed materials - thanks to community project The Woodstore, Brighton.

Just over 200kg of waste LDPE plastic packaging was collected from Brighton and Hove businesses for the making of the table tops, all of which was either destined for landfill, incineration, or shipping abroad.

1 front view
2 front view
3 front view
4 front view
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