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  • We’re so excited to present another collaboration with Thomas Gontar - the incredible blacksmith of Glynde Forge.


    The recycled steel and plastic meet in a combination of dark, hand-forged steel, and shiny, faceted, carved handles. 


    The plastic element is hand-carved using traditional woodworking tools; carving LDPE is very similar to carving wood, so we’ve transferred these skills to our recycled material, revealing the striking marbled cross-sections.


    On this colourway, translucent shades of white are contrasted with rich black veins.


    Please note the bottle opener you receive is unlikely to be the exact one photographed above, however will be made using the same colourway plastic. Each bottle opener is unique, but will resemble the one above very closely.


    • The handle is made using 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic in our Brighton & Hove studio. Each handle is crafted by hand, and is totally unique in its marbling.


      The ring tops are hand-forged by Thomas Gontar using recycled steel in Glynde Forge, East Sussex.


      Please note that due to the nature of recycling used plastic, our products may contain fabric fibres, splinters and the occasional piece of glitter, despite every effort being made to remove them. These come from the garments/products which the plastic bags originally contained when they were single-use packaging.

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