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  • 10am - late afternoon


    Join us for a day of hands-on plastic recycling in our Hove studio! Melt waste plastic, marble your own colours, and create something to take home with you.


    As well as being a practical day, you’ll also learn how we've merged traditional crafts with modern materials, and what sustainable design and materials actually mean.


    What you make on the day is up to you: you could make a set of coasters, a vase, a board, a piece of art for your wall, a candle holder, or even a sculpture!


    We want this fun and practical day to inspire you to see waste as a raw material, and to think creatively about its possibilities. 


    We’re so excited to meet some like-minded people who want to engage with solutions to some messy waste problems. We hope you can join us!


    • 10am start, late afternoon finish depending on group size.


      The day will start with a meet and greet, and an informal talk and Q&A, and sorting the plastic you’ll be making your pieces out of. We’ll then melt the plastic and mix your colours. 


      Lunchtime usually lasts about 40 minutes, at around 12:30. We have a microwave if you want to bring lunch with you. Alternatively there are some fab cafés just down the road, as well as supermarkets and other food shops on Western Road.


      After lunch we’ll explore layering and marbling techniques, and finally we’ll press your pieces or hand shape them. There’ll also be a carving demonstration for anyone who’s hand shaped their piece.


      Tea, coffee and water will be provided throughout the day, as well as some homemade snacks (vegan and gluten free) to keep you going through the afternoon!


      When we’re all done (4-5pm depending on group size), if anyone wants to stick around for a chat, we’ll have various drink options waiting in the fridge, and we can raise a glass to all your hard work and wonderful creations!

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