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Dark greys and blacks marbled with transparent and translucent white areas, with a wisp of yellow.


  • This listing is for the exact board you will receive.


    Top dimensions:   39cm x 43cm

    Thickness: 15mm

    Please allow +/- 1 - 2mm variance on all dimensions.




    Made from 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic in our Brighton & Hove studio. Each board is crafted by hand, and is totally unique in its marbling.

    Our boards have a mostly smooth satin surface, however, please be aware there may be some surface irregularities such as:

    • Dips, where an air pocket became trapped as the plastic was being pressed

    • Shallow ‘cracks’, where the different colours have met during the layering process

    • Shiny spots, from minute changes in temperature

    • ‘Growth rings’ (slight change in surface texture, alternating between shiny and satin), which show each pull on the handle of the hydraulic press as the piece was being pressed into the mould

    These are all part of the handmade process, and add character to each piece!

    Please note that due to the nature of recycling used plastic, our products may contain fabric fibers, splinters and the occasional piece of glitter, despite every effort being made to remove them. These come from the garments/products which the plastic bags originally contained when they were single-use packaging.

    Our larger boards make great table tops! It is safe to screw into the material, as it will not shatter.

    We do not recommend using to serve hot or wet foods.

    Sharp implements will cause permanent surface scratches/scarring. Please see BOARD CARE for more information.

    The Weez & Merl logo (WM) and the recycling symbol for LDPE (♻4) feature debossed on the reverse of the boards.

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