Striking layers of bold black and milky-white translucent marbling, forming patterns of angular blocks and stripes. High contrast with some hints of yellow.


Top dimensions: 273mm

Depth: 18mm

Weight: 1.295kg


Please allow +/-1-2mm variance on all dimensions, and +/-20g variance on given weight.


  • Our boards are made from 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic. Each piece is unique - the board photographed is the one you will receive. 


    The boards feature an outward-angled edge, making them easy to pick up. Shiny surface with contours from the layers of plastic as seen in final photograph.


    The boards can be used to serve dry foods such as fruits, canapes and bread. We do not recommend using to serve hot or wet foods.


    The boards could also be used as tabletops, as the material can be easily drilled/screwed into to attach legs. Polyethylene is a flexible plastic so does not shatter.


    We do not advise cutting on the boards as sharp implements will cause permanent surface scratches/scarring. See ‘board care’ for further information.


    The Weez & Merl logo (WM) and the recycling symbol for LDPE (♻4) feature debossed on the reverse of the boards.