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  • We imagined these bud vases to be like the sharp peaks of an imagined other-worldly mountain range. 


    On this piece, the dark greys and blacks are offset by transparent and translucent white areas, with veins of white and yellow. It is slightly asymmetrical, with a narrow hole in the peak to display dried blooms or flowers.


    Each piece is hand carved using traditional woodworking tools. Carving LDPE plastic is very similar to carving wood, so we’ve transferred these skills to our recycled material, revealing striking marbled cross-sections.


    HEIGHT: 155mm

    BASE DIAMETER: 70 - 85mm



    • Made from 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic in our Brighton & Hove studio. Each piece is crafted by hand, and is totally unique in its marbling.


      The Weez & Merl logo and recycling symbol for LDPE (4) are stamped on the base.


      Smooth satin surface, usually with some minor surface irregularities.


      Please note that due to the nature of recycling used plastic, our products may contain fabric fibres, splinters and the occasional piece of glitter, despite every effort being made to remove them. These come from the garments/products which the plastic bags originally contained when they were single-use packaging.


      Some vases may have flecks of colours different from those seen in the photograph.

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