Contrasting shades of black, mid grey and cool grey swirl and flow across this piece - the movement highlighted by thin but bold white veins. Some parts of the cool grey plastic has a minutely marbled pattern to it. 


This neutral board easily complements most colour schemes, and makes for a great backdrop to a pop of colour. 


Matching ‘Greystone’ coasters and platters available.


Top dimensions: 278 x 470mm

Depth: 24mm

Weight: 2.21kg


Please allow +/-1-2mm variance on all dimensions, and +/-20g variance on given weight.


  • Our boards are made from 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic. Each piece is unique - the board photographed is the one you will receive. 


    The boards feature an outward-angled edge, making them easy to pick up. Smooth semi-matte surface with some irregularities and small depressions. Some sanding marks may be visible.


    The boards could also be used as tabletops, as the material can be easily drilled/screwed into to attach legs. Polyethylene is a flexible plastic so does not shatter.


    We do not advise cutting on the boards as sharp implements will cause permanent surface scratches/scarring. See ‘board care’ for further information.


    The Weez & Merl logo (WM) and the recycling symbol for LDPE (♻4) feature debossed on the reverse of the boards.


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